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STAR WARS MASTERWORK is the most premium Star Wars Trading Card set ever created!

Star Wars Masterwork will surprise and delight the most hard-core fans with never seen before hits and rich parallels including those made from never used before materials in a Star Wars trading card set.

From base cards to the rarest hits, the unprecedented design, ultra-premium stock and the finest classic imagery, each card is a work of art.

Star Wars Masterwork elevates Star Wars card collectability to a whole new level!

• 1 On-card autograph**
• 1 Premium 72-point heavyweight stock premium sketch card EACH CASE GUARANTEES:
• 1 Silver framed on-card autograph
• 7 On-card autographs**
• 8 Premium 72-point heavyweight stock premium sketch cards
• 3 Relic Cards

* One hit per Mini Box, hits include autographs, relics, sketch cards, medallions and framed print plates
**Except when replaced by a sticker auto as part of an ultra rare autograph parallel

STAR WARS MASTERWORK (105 total cards):

• (75) Base Cards
• (10) Defining Moments Insert
• (10) Companions Insert
• (10) Scum & Villainy Insert Parallels Add Levels of Chase and Value for Collectors

Parallels Add Levels of Chase and Value for Collectors:

• Base Parallels
 • Blue Metallic Base Parallel (numbered to 299)
 • Silver Metallic Base Parallel (numbered to 99)
 • Green Metallic Base Parallel (numbered to 50)
 • Gold Metallic Base Parallel (1/1)

• Insert Parallels
 • Golden Metal Insert Parallel (1/1)
 • Metal Insert Parallel (numbered to 10)
 • Rainbow Foil Insert Parallel (numbered to 299)
 • Canvas Insert Parallel (numbered to 99)
 • Wood Insert Parallel (numbered to 50)
 • Clear Acetate Parallel (numbered to 25) Hits Add Value for Collectors

Hits Add Value for Collectors:

• Autographs
• Sketch Cards
• Relic Cards
• Medallion Relic Cards
• Stamp Relic Cards
• Framed Printing Plates

Wholesale Sell Unit: 1 Box of 4 Packs

Extra Info

Configuration: 5 Cards Pack (2 Base Cards, 1 Parallel, 1 Insert or Insert Parallel, and 1 Hit), 4 Packs Per Box, 8 Boxes Per Case
In Stock in Alaska?: No
In Stock in Kentucky?: No
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