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Specification: Total 400 magic stone cards
5 kinds, 8 copies each from following sets

 - The Dawn of Valhalla                                                     
 - The War of Valhalla
 - Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
 - The Castle of Heavens and The Two Towers
 - The Moon Priestess Returns
 - The Seven Kings of the Lands
 - The Twilight Wanderer
 - The Moonlit Savior
 - Battle for Attoractia
 - Curse of the Frozen Casket

This product is for physical retail stores, not individual players. Stores can sell single cards from this product to their customers after opening this product.

This product is meant to help support the sales of regular Force of Will product and by extension, Force of Will stores.

Extra Info

In Stock in Alaska?: No
In Stock in Kentucky?: No
Item Code: FOW523164
Pre-Orders Due: October 10th, 2016
Release Date: November 18th, 2016
Display MSRP: N/A
Display Count: 400 Cards
Case Quantity: N/A
Display Barcode: 4-56048852316-4
Regional Availability: Everywhere
Block Set:



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