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We are very happy to introduce you the NEW product: FOW Lapis Cluster 2nd booster pre-release kit

1 kit contains:

72 packs of Lapis Cluster 02 booster pack
12 promotional cards
 Exclusive for this kit

2 playmats
 Exclusive for this kit

1 kit is for 8 - 12 players.

The kit is available from December 2nd!

We recommend to have a pre-release event at your store on Dec 2nd Fri, or 3rd Sat or 4th Sun.

This kit is exclusive for FOW stores!!

Extra Info

In Stock in Alaska?: No
In Stock in Kentucky?: No
Pre-Orders Due: November 01st, 2016
Release Date: December 02nd, 2016
Display MSRP: N/A
Display Count: 1 Pre-Release Kit
Case Quantity: N/A
Display Barcode: N/A
Regional Availability: Everywhere
Block Set:



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